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Drainage and irrigation service

Drainage and irrigation service

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The company is committed to irrigation and drainage services all the year round. With the frequent occurrence of natural disasters around the world, it brings uncertain factors to agricultural production.
How to prevent natural disasters from affecting agricultural production? How to solve the problem of agricultural production and water use in the face of water shortage has become the common theme of agriculture in various countries.
At present, in foreign developed countries, agriculture generally adopts advanced soil conservation and storage technology, a well-equipped water circulation system, and high-tech irrigation and drainage equipment to combat natural disasters. China is a large agricultural country with geographical population. Due to the complex topography and geomorphology of China, the natural climate has a large gap between the north and the south, the water resources are unevenly distributed, and the effective land cultivation area is scattered, which is not conducive to the overall planning of water conservancy projects. Therefore, many large water conservancy projects are mainly concentrated in It is important to ensure the urban domestic water consumption and industrialization high output value, and it is difficult to balance and satisfy the agricultural production water. Although China has also increased the basic investment in farmland small water conservancy projects, due to the late start of China's science and technology farmland water conservancy projects, it lacks specialized technology in the research and development, design, planning, construction and irrigation and drainage functions of farmland water conservancy facilities. The lack of a disaster-resistant system has led to the widespread use of extensive water conservancy projects in China's agriculture. When disasters come, they are not the main reason for "reinforcing the dead and sighing".