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Petrochemical service

Petrochemical service

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This company valve] application domain is widespread, the valve is in the petroleum chemical industry production unit application most equipment, in the production process each kind of gas, the liquid and the solid particle medium all must pass each kind of valve, according to needs to be blocked or transports to each kind of container and the process equipment.
In the Chinese valve market, most of the valves are sold to the petrochemical sector. At present, the company provides petrochemical enterprises with I technology, engineering design and project contracting services, long-term in-depth petrochemical industry line, familiar with the use of valves in the factory line, the valve selection and application of rich practical experience.
Petrochemical industry has the characteristics of flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful, high temperature and high pressure, very dangerous, once the accident occurs, resulting in extremely serious consequences, as ma stressed that safety is the primary problem of the petrochemical industry. To ensure the safe operation of valve products, the quality of the valve itself to be guaranteed, on the other hand, the user also needs to carry out standard operation. An indisputable fact is that most of the important harsh working conditions in the petrochemical industry are imported valves, which cannot be replaced by domestic brands.