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After sales service

After sales service

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After-sales service commitment
First, pre-sales service
1. Send a commissioner to introduce the domestic and foreign industry implementation standards, introduce the product characteristics of our factory, and select high-quality and low-cost product materials for users.
2. Technical solutions, sending technical and business personnel to conduct technical exchanges and business exchanges. You can organize your company's personnel road factory inspection guidance, provide product performance, feature design drawings and various parameters in time before and after the entire bidding process, and actively cooperate with your company to select a satisfactory product manufacturer. Even if we are satisfied with the choice of other products, our factory can provide technical consultation for your company on this project, so that your company can purchase products with advanced technology, reasonable price and reliable performance.
Second, the sale of services
1. Choose the best domestic accessory manufacturer, which not only meets the performance requirements, but also facilitates future maintenance and spare parts supply.
2. In the manufacturing process, we fully cooperate with all stages of work such as reviewing drawings, product supervision, inspection and acceptance, so that all work before shipment can be carried out in an orderly manner.
Third, after sales service
1. The product is sent to the user, and our factory sends special technical personnel to the relevant personnel of your company to unpack the inventory.
2. Freely train technicians and maintenance personnel, and establish contact with maintenance personnel. In the aspect of maintenance and use, do long-term technical support, and provide 24-hour on-site maintenance during the use of this product by your company to ensure user requirements.
Fourth, supply spare parts in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction
1. Feedback user requirements in a timely manner:
2. Provide high quality and low price products to ensure delivery on time:
3. Strictly control product quality:
4. Properly package to prevent omissions.
In short, we not only provide users with qualified products, but also provide high-quality services, establish a good image in the same industry, and leave a deep impression on users.