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Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve

Double Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve

Product description
. The valve is made of DI bodyand DI disc.
. Advanced newly design withdovetail seal design andcaptured by epoxy on theback, with multiple raised ringto have more contact with discbut less friction during closure.
. The double eccentric designprovides less contact area of seal with disc, and less stress at the open position of the disc.
. The disc design with arch shape and thru disc can provide better flow capacity,stronger and less weight
. The shaft and disc connection with tangential pin which can be exchangeable and provide rigid connection.
. The DN 100-500MM use flat disc, and DN 600-1200MM use arch shape disc.
. Epoxy coated interior and exterior.
. Valve design meets or exceeds EN 593.
. Top flange connection meets ISO 5211-1982, and F/F meets EN 558-1 series 13 & 14.
FBGD is a double eccentric flange butterfly valve, with soft seal on the body, it has the lowest operational torque, much less wearing, the dovetail seal design has been proven over half century service with reliability.
Technical Data:
Size Range: DN100-1200mm
Ratings: 1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~80℃
Flow media:Water & Wastewater
Service Fields:
Water works system, waste water
system, water distribution system,
HVAC system, industry, power plant.
Please consult factory for higher pressure ratings.
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